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Our Program Focus

Family Values 

Grounded family values are a requisite for a loving and nurturing environment conducive to a positive childhood experience. Our parent-based programs offer practical guidance and community support to help parents navigate the challenges of raising children.



We believe that learning experiences outside the classroom are attributing factors of becoming all-rounded persons. The opportunity to pick up a musical instrument, a sport, or an art, will equip children with personal assets to thrive in their learning journeys. Through a combination of opportunities, children will form wholesome relationships across peer groups, as well as the confidence required to discover their distinctive talents.

Kindergarten Program

Free Play

A one-year train-the-teachers program where playworkers from Playright provide workshops and certification to participating teachers. Enabling teachers to integrate free play in school and to set up a play space which allows freedom of choice in the play environment while still maintaining a level of supervision that keeps the children safe.

Participating Kindergartens


  • ELCHK Cheung Wah Kindergarten
  • ELCHK Nam Cheong Kindergarten
  • ELCHK Tseung Kwan O Kindergarten


  • Christian Little Angel Kindergarten (Richland Gardens)
  • Tack Ching Kindergarten
  • Tsuen Wan Baptist Church Shek Lei Kindergarten

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Primary School Programs

STEM Maker in School

‘STEM Maker in School’, with aid from Operation Santa Claus, is a three-year collaborative project that empowers teachers with resources and knowledge to educate the younger generation. With the focus on Micro:bit and Thunkable.

Micro:bit is a popular pocket-sized microcontroller board that allows young children to learn programming in a handy way. Thunkable is a drag and drop mobile app builder that enables anyone to create their own native apps.

HKCIN will adopt the train-the-trainer approach where trained teachers with STEM skills will integrate STEM contents into their classes. After trial lessons and continuous consultancy with HKCIN, the primary schools will have designed a tailored STEM curriculum that reaches students in two forms per year.

Participating School


  • ELCHK Kwai Shing Lutheran Primary School

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STEM Maker at Home

A series of online workshops where children and parents apply design thinking process and create their robot cars. Watch the video to see their creations!

Transforming Lives through Music

Regular classes moved to virtual instruction due to Covid.

Our musicians teach the children the violin in the ‘El Sistema’ (systematical) way! We emphasize the joy of learning and playing music together, inspiring children to have a lifelong love of music. And we encourage them to perform as much as possible, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Instilling students with positive thinking, attention to their emotional wellbeing, and self-discipline.

Participating Schools


  • ELCHK Faith Love Lutheran School
  • ELCHK Kwai Shing Lutheran Primary School
  • ELCHK Wo Che Lutheran School

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Sports Program

Regular classes moved to virtual instruction due to Covid.

Two-year sports program focusing on korfball, mini volleyball, touch rugby, rope skipping, and street dance.

Participating Schools


  • ELCHK Faith Love Lutheran School (Korfball)
  • ELCHK Kwai Shing Lutheran Primary School (Mini Volleyball)
  • ELCHK Wo Che Lutheran School (Touch Rugby, Street Dance)
  • Pok Oi Hospital Chan Kwok Wai Primary School (Rope Skipping)