We are here to ensure every Hong Kong child has the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Founded in 2019, Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation strives to offer kindergarten and primary school children (age 3-12) from every walk of life exposure to experiences beyond the classroom.

We also offer parent-based workshops, helping parents navigate the challenges of raising children. We believe that grounded family values are a requisite for a loving and nurturing environment conducive to a wholesome childhood.

Our goal as an organization is to accomplish the following:

  • To enrich our children’s lives and allow them to cultivate a sense of curiosity beyond the classroom;
  • To help them develop an interest and acquire confidence and sense of self-worth — qualities that are the foundations for success in school, careers and life; and
  • To demonstrate that children thrive in every single way when they are motivated by a pure, unadulterated love of learning.

We envision a society where this all-round education becomes a common opportunity — transforming education and unleashing the potential of a new generation of Hong Kong citizens.


Breaking Down Silos between NGOs

We collaborate with and provide funds to specialized NGOs, to effect collective and impactful social changes.


We strive to integrate sustainability into our programs, to ensure our beneficiaries can continue to benefit from our services and maintain our efforts.

As a Bridge between Schools & NGOs

We partner with specialized NGOs and design bespoke programs that address the needs of our partner schools.


With great flexibility to offer additional programs which focus on out-of-classroom learning experiences and parenting.